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Irrevocable Change is coming to Wentworth Valley

Large Scale Industrial Wind Turbine Projects


The Higgins Mountain Wind Project Environmental Assessment (EA) is now in the public input phase. You have until April 14th to have your voice heard.  

Everyone knows renewable energy is good, right?

But the devil often lurks in the details.

There are multiple large scale wind turbine projects proposed for Wentworth Valley, several with up to 18 industrial sized turbines each. The tallest of the turbines are giants reaching  623ft/190m high,  twice the height of the tallest building in Halifax. 


We desire that the special ecology & biodiversity of the Wentworth Valley be protected and, where sustainable, support human enjoyment of it, now and for all generations to come.

Industrial Wind Turbine Project Scales &

Industrial Wind
Turbine Project

Nova Scotia Government
Renewable Energy 

Nova Scotia
Rate Based

This is not the right location for industrial wind turbines.

International industrial wind development consortiums and corporations want to build some of the largest industrial wind complexes in Atlantic Canada using the largest industrial wind turbines ever installed in the region to date.  Protect Wentworth Valley supports renewable energy, however, there are implications with these massive turbines for everything from wildlife degradation, human health,  economic development, and general disregard of the peace and enjoyment of the land.

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The Nova Scotia Moose Recovery Plan calls for more core habitat and connectivity. Higgins Mountain has been identified as important core habitat and needs to be part of the recovery plan.


Nova Scotia
Species at Risk,
Mainland Moose

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Protect Wentworth Valley is a 100% volunteer driven organization. All donated funds are used for educating and building awareness. Our estimated expenses can be found here. Donations can be made by major credit cards and PayPal.​​​  Are you a business? Consider becoming a Protect Wentworth Valley sponsor!

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