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Irrevocable decisions with potentially devastating impact are being made soon.

There are multiple large scale wind turbine projects proposed for Wentworth Valley, several with up to 18 industrial sized turbines each. The tallest of the turbines are giants compared to those currently operating in our province, and each is as high as a 57-story building. We believe strongly in renewable energy and its importance for the environment. However, there are serious implications with these massive industrial turbine projects including harm to the endangered mainland moose recovery plan,  other wildlife and habitat degradation, human health concerns, and the loss of Wentworth Valley’s beauty and vitality as a recreation and tourism destination.  There are other locations in Nova Scotia where these massive machines could be located, with little or no impact on communities, tourism and especially wildlife habitats.

Raising awareness and having a say in public policy is not without a cost. 

Since last October, our 100% volunteer driven organization has worked tirelessly to hold community information sessions, present to government bodies, develop signage, a website, an online petition, media releases and social-media outreach. We recently launched a campaign that quickly raised over $7,000 in donations from concerned citizens.  But, as our education and awareness efforts continue, so do the costs.  


By becoming a business donor you can help us continue our efforts and protect Wentworth Valley from irrevocable decisions with potentially devastating outcomes.


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Become a 'Champion' with a one-time donation of $2,500. We already have one Champion but would be thrilled to have many more.

or be a 'Friend' with a donation of your choice.

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Cheques payable to:
Wentworth Valley Folly Lake
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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a receipt, or have any questions or suggestions.

The Wentworth Valley area is a unique part of Nova Scotia that governments must protect for future generations.We are asking the Province to do the right thing: 

  1. Prohibit industrial wind turbines in areas of important moose habitat and connectivity in Colchester/Cumberland, which includes the project areas as described in current proposals.

  2. Enact Protection of the mainland moose core habitat designated in Colchester/Cumberland, which includes the proposed project areas, in the Nova Scotia Mainland Moose Recovery Plan.

  3. Designate the Colchester/Cumberland core habitat area of the endangered mainland moose, which includes current proposed project areas, as wilderness area under Nova Scotia’s Wilderness Areas Protection Act, to connect to the Portapique River and Wentworth Valley Wilderness Areas. This will help the Nova Scotia Government meet its mandate to protect at least 20% of the total land and water mass of Nova Scotia for nature conservation by 2030.

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