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Mainland Moose Concerns

The Construction of giant turbines, new power lines, widened roads, new roads, blasting, gravel pits, concrete foundations, and substations will have a huge impact on all creatures living in that wilderness.

Conservation scientists recognize the wind project area as a critical bio-diversity connectivity area in NS to connect species with the rest of North America. As such the area should be protected and not developed with new roads and clear-cuts for turbines. Nova Scotia’s endangered mainland moose frequent the area seasonally and travel through the project areas as they connect between the Wentworth Valley Wilderness Area and the Portapique Wilderness Area. In late November, the NS government released a long-delayed recovery plan for the mainland moose. Mainland moose are at a critical juncture of species recovery and one of the key challenges in these efforts is lack of natural habitat. There is very little good core moose habitat in NS. However, the wind project areas are on essential core moose habitat. Projects of this size could be a direct threat to the survival of mainland moose.



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