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Important Information- Protest Gathering before November 16th Colchester Council Meeting

On Wednesday November15, the proponent, Everwind, presented to Colchester County Council. There was a strong group of protestors outside the Council Building on Church Street during the entirety of this presentation. This was strongly heard inside chambers throughout the evening.

On Thursday November 16, we encourage all that can, to come gather to protest the potential loss of our biodiversity, our recreational areas, the habitat and home of so many native and endangered species and fauna. We want our council to pause any future development of these lands until they can get a land use bylaw in place that will help identify where these industrialized projects can and cannot go. Cumulative effect and density of such projects should be a limiting factor in their development and approval.

We invite you to gather tomorrow outside 1 Church Street by 5 PM tomorrow. The meeting begins at 6 PM. If you can prepare any posters or such to carry during this time to draw attention - examples would be SAVE OUR FORESTS, NO INDUSTRIALIZED WIND FARMS, NO TURBINES ON OUR MOUNTAINS, VOTE TO PAUSE DEVELOPMENT would be suggestions.

This is a peaceful protest, but we need a STRONG presence to show a STRONG voice on our opinion that councillors should be aware of!

Parking is limited at 1 Church Street- it has been suggested to use the parking lot in front of Stanfield's as well, off Queen street.

In the meantime, we encourage you- contact your councillors- tell them how you feel. A link to all of their contact information is here:

PLEASE- make your voice heard!

Thanks for all your support in bringing this matter to the immediate attention of our council members!

Protect Wentworth Valley

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