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Group Commits to Protect Wentworth Valley

A spokesperson for Protect Wentworth Valley says the group is still opposed to the major wind energy project approved for Higgins Mountain.

Nancy Frame says that despite concessions, the project remains a risk to the Wentworth area and the group will continue to lobby for change.

Frame, speaking yesterday on Morning Talk, says the group appreciates the need for renewable energy solutions, but not at all cost. She agrees there is room in the Cobequid mountains for wind turbines, but not at the proposed location.

Frame says the call for proposals restricted the search to economic benefits with only secondary consideration of the impact on human life and eco concerns. She said, “There should have been a provincial landscape assessment.”

She says the provincial government should have first decided on where instead of directing an out of province administrator to make a decision on profitability.

The group hopes to meet with provincial officials to press for a landscape assessment before a final decision commits the valley to this long-term project with possibility for irreparable harm.

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