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A letter to Cumberland County's Planning Department

The following letter was submitted by Allen MacNutt, Hart Lake Association, to Cumberland County as part of their request for public input on regulations controlling small & large wind turbines.

Good morning,

My name is Allen MacNutt and I represent the Hart Lake Cottage and Homeowners Association. We have 60 residencies on the Lake 90% of them in Cumberland County.

Seven homes are occupied year round and the remainder are seasonal residents - most May to November, plus snowmobiling and skiing during the winter. The quiet tranquility of this beautiful area has been the attracting feature for all of us. It is a very special place and for generations families have passed these properties on to the future generations to enjoy. The stars are brighter here than anywhere in our Province.

Whether one is a swimmer, kayaker, canoeist, boater, hiker, skier, fisher, biker, walker, bird watcher, hunter or plain old nature lover, this is why we are here. We are not against wind power, but we are totally against these turbines robbing us of the life we have come to cherish, and the reason we live and enjoy this special area.

We are a small village of lake lovers who respect every thing we all have worked our lives for and plan to pass on to our families and theirs. We don't ask much from the County as far as any maintenance goes. We pay to have our roads plowed and maintain them as well. We appreciate that we are here because some 80 years ago someone saw a special place they realized was special and here we are today.

We expect our concerns to be considered if or when this massive construction project is approved. We do not want them in our site line or within hearing distance. Lighting from these turbines could ruin and rob us of our calm and beautiful starry nights. We have faith that our Hart Lake Village will be spared and a more suitable location for these huge projects will be found in a more remote location.

Respectfully submitted

Allen MacNutt

Hart Lake Association

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