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2022 Celebration of Nature

The Celebration of Nature is Nature Nova Scotia's big annual event, a talk and hike series as well as their AGM, and it always falls on the last weekend in May. Pre-COVID when the event took place entirely in-person, the organization would rotate locations around the province and a local Nature Nova Scotia member group would host the event. This year, they’re running a hybrid event, where the talks and AGM are virtual and the hikes/outings are in-person and take place all around the province.

"Wentworth Locals" with Leslie Dykeman from Protect Wentworth Valley is pleased to be offering a field trip/hike on Sunday May 29 at 2pm as part of the 2022 celebration of Nature. Registered participants will meet at HWY 4 #15059 (by Four Seasons of Adventure billboard).

Also, don't miss the following talks on Sunday May 29!

6:00pm: “The Time is Now: Mainland Moose Recovery as Healing Nature and People”, Dr. Karen Beazley, School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University

The fractured relationship between people and nature has led to crises in biodiversity, climate and humanity. In NS, the endangered Mainland moose may serve as a focal point for rallying action to retain and recover core habitat, for the benefit of people and nature. The Recovery Plan for NS Mainland Moose delineates core habitat and details threats and actions to address them. Though not perfect, the Recovery Plan serves as a commitment to which decision makers may be held to account. Moose represent a focal species for conservation, as a functionally-important, sensitive and vulnerable, habitat-quality-indicator, and umbrella species. Moose are bio-culturally important to the Mi’Kmaq. Recovery of viable moose populations will require re-established connectivity (e.g., corridors and safe passageways) among remnant forest patches in mainland NS and into NB. Considered together, thinking and acting in collaborative relationships of respect and reciprocity for the recovery of Mainland moose holds promise to catalyse transformation for healing nature and people.

6:30pm: “Why We Must Protect Biological Diversity”, Tracey MacKenzie, Dalhousie University

7:00pm: “Diversity of Nature: BIPOC-focused Scientific Outreach”, Suchinta Arif, Dalhousie University and Diversity of Nature

For more information on these events and how to register, visit

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