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Recreation & Tourism Concerns

It is estimated the Wentworth Valley sees 100,000+ visitors annually for its trails, mountains, rivers and lakes.  Wentworth has the highest and steepest mountain terrain on the mainland of Nova Scotia and arguably has the best mountain sport recreation access in the Maritimes. It is a trails community.


Wentworth is often synonymous with downhill skiing as Wentworth celebrates 90 years of skiing in 2022.  But it is much more than a skiing destination.

It is home to some of the Maritimes' best trails for hiking, mountain biking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and trail running. Snowmobile trails are also a popular activity on the scenic SANS trail network. Bike Nova Scotia’s first Blue Route runs through the Wentworth Valley and is a must-ride for any serious road biker. The National Orienteering Championships and the Canada Winter Games have showcased our mountains to Canada in the past.


Stunning look-offs and waterfalls are scattered, adding to the popularity of the area.


The Wentworth Valley and surrounding area is a treasured recreational gem. Future plans for new trails and public access to natural features means the future is bright.


Economic and wellness benefits are realized by communities and citizens from across Cumberland and Colchester Counties. What consideration has been undertaken to consider the effects of these industrial wind turbine projects on future nature-based tourism development for Wentworth Valley and surrounding areas?  The Covid-19 pandemic has proven people need to get outdoors for mental and physical health. We need to preserve special areas like Wentworth Valley for the health and wellbeing of all Nova Scotians.


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