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Health Concerns

The proponents have done little to ensure no ill health effects will be cast on the residents and thousands of visitors of Wentworth and the surrounding communities. Without testing of such large turbines close to residential homes and businesses, how can we be provided with assurance? Studies confirm more research is required into health and mental effects of industrial wind farms from noise, ruined scenic views, and flicker. Light pollution impacts on natural areas include; stress, anxiety, sleep disturbance, nausea and dizziness. The proposed turbines have never had their effects tested here. What are the cumulative effects of 18+ untested towers in this unique amphitheater like area so close to population density? Wind turbines in the proposed location have the potential to contribute negatively to mental health and the burden of mental illness in Nova Scotia, issues that already weigh heavily on Nova Scotians, their health care providers and health care system.



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