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Community Questions

Protect Wentworth Valley and concerned citizens have many questions and are looking for answers. 

  • Shouldn’t industrial wind turbine projects be put in a place where they do not have any impact on humans or the environment as that is what we are looking to achieve when considering alternate sources of energy?

  • Why destroy this beautiful natural gem…Wentworth Valley?

  • Why here? Is this really the right place?

  • What is the benefit to Wentworth Valley and the people who enjoy its natural beauty?

  • Why not in an area where there is no effect on humans and wilderness?

  • What about the moose?

  • Where is the energy going to be used?

  • Is wind energy truly green?  Will it make this green space more green?  How?

  • Who in the area will benefit from this project? How does this provide any improvement or benefit to local people in the area?  Provide specifics.  

  • Who owns the land?  Where do they live?  Will they live next to the turbines?

  • Who is benefitting from a revenue perspective from this project?  Where are they located?

  • What is the exact turbine model specifications being proposed at this site?  Why?

  • What are the health effects of the exact towers that will be used in the project?   Where else have they been used?  Have they had effect on humans?  

  • What are the strobe effects?  Sound?  Effect on wilderness? Safety? 

  • What is the exact number of turbines being proposed?  Why?  Is it necessary?

  • Why 5 MW towers?  Why do they have to be so tall?  What is the danger if these towers fall?  What are the risks to people in the area if one or more of these towers was to fall over?  We have had significant hurricanes in this area that have uprooted massive trees and their roots.

  • What are the decommissioning plans?  Who holds the money and the responsibility?  What is the time commitment to decommission the turbines once they stop turning?

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